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New Head Cookie!
I am thrilled to announce there is a new Head Cookie! Leslie is the owner of the Kukkijar https://www.kukkijar.com/about and will be incorporating Cookies Of Course into her already incredible line of baked goodies. Not only is she a fabulous baker, she is also really nice and brings the same level of commitment to customer service that you have come to expect.
Thanks Leslie for taking over my life's work, and no pressure!

Delivery Day now Tuesdays
In order to keep delivery costs down in light of the high gas prices we have had to reduce our delivery days to two days a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays. If it's a cookie emergency, you can pick up on our other baking days, Wednesday and Friday or arrange a courier to come by before noon.

Here's an easy gift idea: Schedule Cookie Deliveries!
In light of all the people working from home these days, why not schedule cookies to be delivered once a month, or provide us with a list of people and their birthdays and have cookies sent throughout the year! Contact Leslie the Head Cookie at hello@cookiesofcourse.ca to make arrangements.

Bake Cookies at Home
Order our cookie dough online, have it delivered to your home and start baking! Click on Cookie Batter and Fundraising above to get started.

Bake cookies at home   Bake cookies at home

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All our cookies are made with non-hydrogenated (trans fat free) vegetable shortening and unbleached flour. All raisins are Certified Organic.

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