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We will be closed Mondays until this Covid thing is defeated
We are not quite as busy as we would like to be due to Covid, so in order to be be a bit more logical and make our days in our bakery more productive we will be closing on Mondays for the time being. If you are having a cookie emergency on a Monday, we can come in and fire up our oven for a minimum order of 12 dozen cookies on a Monday, contact alan@cookiesofcourse.ca. (We will however be delivering on Sunday the 14th for Valentine's day) Stay safe, wear your mask and be kind to each other!

Here's an easy gift idea: Schedule Cookie Deliveries!
In light of all the people working from home these days, why not schedule cookies to be delivered once a month, or provide us with a list of people and their birthdays and have cookies sent throughout the year! Contact Alan the Head Cookie at info@cookiesofcourse.ca to make arrangements.

Message from the Head Cookie
During this Corona virus crisis Cookies Of Course will continue to deliver while practicing the very necessary guidelines that the health authorities are advising. While I thought about closing down, I decided that the current situation requires a bit of joy for people that may be stuck at home. After all, people still need to eat (even fun food like cookies!) and more food delivery services out there means fewer people need venture out, helping maintain social distancing. While people are so happy to get their care package these days, I must advise that I will be refusing all hugs for the time being. (see social distancing, above.)

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Order our cookie dough online, have it delivered to your home and start baking! Click on Cookie Batter and Fundraising above to get started.

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All our cookies are made with non-hydrogenated (trans fat free) vegetable shortening and unbleached flour. All raisins are Certified Organic.

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