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Cookie delivery throughout metro Vancouver

Delivery Available Tues-Fri

9:00am - 5:00pm



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$18 for 1 dozen*, $32 for 2 dozen*, $39.00 for three dozen* and $12.00 per dozen for 4 or more dozen*

Tuesdays - Fridays only
Deliveries between 10 am and 5 pm, unless you state otherwise (click on the Time Sensitive box below)


$6 Downtown Vancouver
$9 Vancouver
$12 North Vancouver, UBC
$14 Burnaby, Richmond, West Vancouver
$16 New Westminster
$18 Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody
$21 Delta & Surrey
Other areas - please inquire

EXTRA DELIVERY CHARGES | Vary and may apply to

  • Rush & time sensitive deliveries
  • Early morning deliveries (only available Tuesday - Friday)
  • SATURDAY deliveries (we're sorry to say that extortionate courier charges apply!)
  • Some last minute deliveries, i.e. you place your order close to the required delivery time


  • Please phone us at 604-689-9792 about same day, rush and last minute deliveries unless we've already contacted you.
  • Ensure there is someone to receive the delivery (to avoid extra trip charges), unless you tell us it's okay to leave them at the door - we don't want to share cookies with raccoons! This is especially true with deliveries to homes. We highly recommend delivering to places of work where someone will be there to receive the delivery.

We will be closed Mondays until this Covid thing is defeated
We are not quite as busy as we would like to be due to Covid, so in order to be be a bit more logical and make our days in our bakery more productive we will be closing on Mondays for the time being. If you are having a cookie emergency on a Monday, we can come in and fire up our oven for a minimum order of 12 dozen cookies on a Monday, contact alan@cookiesofcourse.ca. (We will however be delivering on Sunday the 14th for Valentine's day) Stay safe, wear your mask and be kind to each other!

Here's an easy gift idea: Schedule Cookie Deliveries!
In light of all the people working from home these days, why not schedule cookies to be delivered once a month, or provide us with a list of people and their birthdays and have cookies sent throughout the year! Contact Alan the Head Cookie at info@cookiesofcourse.ca to make arrangements.

Message from the Head Cookie
During this Corona virus crisis Cookies Of Course will continue to deliver while practicing the very necessary guidelines that the health authorities are advising. While I thought about closing down, I decided that the current situation requires a bit of joy for people that may be stuck at home. After all, people still need to eat (even fun food like cookies!) and more food delivery services out there means fewer people need venture out, helping maintain social distancing. While people are so happy to get their care package these days, I must advise that I will be refusing all hugs for the time being. (see social distancing, above.)

Bake Cookies at Home
Order our cookie dough online, have it delivered to your home and start baking! Click on Cookie Batter and Fundraising above to get started.

Bake cookies at home   Bake cookies at home

Please select the quantity and flavours you would like

Gift Boxes and Cookie Tins
1 or 2-Dozen Gift Box & Wrapping: Add $5.00
1-Dozen Cookie Tin & Wrapping: Add $7.00
2-Dozen Cookie Tin & Wrapping: Add $12.00

During this stressful time, many of our customers have been requesting how they can add a delivery gratuity to their payment. I would like to say that it is a responsibility and even a joy to deliver for my customers at this time more than ever, and while no gratuity is expected, those who feel so inclined may indicate their appreciation in any form in the special instructions below.

Special delivery instructions and messages to the Head Cookie:

Delivery Info

Is this going to an apartment? Are you SURE we can get in to leave at the door if no one home?

[Delivery is not available on greyed out dates]

If this is a time sensitive delivery, please contact Alan the Head Cookie by phone at 604-689-9792.

Would you like a message sent with the order? (optional)
Yes, on a card - $3.00
Yes, written on the cookie box - FREE! If YES, the message you would like sent with the order: (optional)

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